Rob Walton

In 1996, Rob Walton was a highly sought after seven goal polo player when he had a tragic polo accident while playing professionally in Malaysia. He became a quadriplegic when he sustained a C-4 complete spinal cord injury after being thrown from his horse. He was rushed to Singapore after his accident and stabilized enough so he could fly to San Francisco for emergency surgery.

Then the long process of rehabilitation started. Through hard work and dedication, he has regained some mobility and feeling in his right arm and minimal mobility in his left. He is very active and involved with studies regarding spinal cord injuries. He continues to have a positive attitude toward his situation and is hopeful for the future.

In March 2000, Rob was inducted into the USPA Hall of Fame in recognition of his contributions to the sport as both a player and now, as a coach for various polo teams. He splits his time between his coaching duties and his continued rehabilitation, and is hopeful that a cure is in the near future.


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